Pwshnotes's Gemlog

2023-03-05 Killing All Processes When Logging Out

2022-12-25 Eliminating PulseAudio Pops

2022-12-24 Cleaning Up an Old Kernel in Manjaro

2022-12-07 Update Proprietary Media Codec for Vivaldi on Manjaro

2022-11-10 Disable PowerShell Predictions

2022-10-23 Vim Menu for Tab Completion

2022-10-16 Git Pull Before Checkout

2022-10-16 How To Downgrade The Manjaro Kernel

2022-10-08 Find a URL in a Document While Using Vim

2022-09-15 Windows Programs

2022-09-09 Managing PowerShell Modules

2022-09-01 Anonymous Functions in PowerShell

2022-08-24 Using Asterisks as Bullet Points in Vim

2022-08-15 VS Code Sticky Scroll

2022-08-15 Formatting Plain Text Copies in Vim

2022-06-19 What is PPID on Linux?

2022-06-17 Linux Command Line Reference

2022-06-14 Add a Permanently Visible Command Palette in VS Code

2022-06-10 Prevent "Press Enter" in Vim Script

2022-05-19 Some Useful TechNet Wiki Articles

2022-05-18 Trim Strings in Vim / Organize Firefox History

2022-05-18 Start XFCE Terminal with a Different Shell

2022-05-11 Opening a Terminal in Vim

2022-05-06 Vim Modelines

2022-05-06 Working with Secret Information in Vim

2022-05-02 Install Samba

2022-04-28 Linux Shortcut Specification

2022-04-28 GitHub Docs

2022-04-27 Check If You Are Using X11 or Wayland

2022-04-26 Manjaro Support

2022-04-26 Firefox Settings

2022-04-26 Disable sudo Caching

2022-04-25 RIPE Atlas

2022-04-21 Fix the Get-ChildItem Output in a Smaller Shell

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