Firefox Settings

Here are settings and extensions that I use in Firefox.



When you load a large image in a new tab, Firefox will resize the image to fit the window.

This preference allows you to load or refresh a stand-alone image without having to click to zoom.



Firefox Multi-Account Containers


Swift Selection Search


Privacy Badger

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Template Profile

I create many Firefox profiles. And, while it is nice to have these steps enumerated, the process of creating a Firefox profile is not as easy as it could be.

To that end, I have a new process where I create a new Firefox profile, copy my default settings from a template, and then customize the new profile. I am following the instructions for backing up and restoring Firefox profiles. The instructions are linked below. In this way, I have most of the settings saved in the template. And then all I have to do for the new profile is add a home page and log in. I no longer have to go over the list above and change every setting.

Make sure to check your search engine after customizing. I've found Firefox likes to reset the search to Google.


A bookmarklet is a small piece of JavaScript that can be saved in the Address field of a bookmark. Then, when the bookmark is clicked, the JavaScript is executed.

The bookmarklets below generate a formatted link for the current page. Click on the bookmarklet and copy the link from the prompt.

These bookmarklets don't work on every Web site. I believe the issue is some sites restrict the JavaScript: URI via their Content Security Policy.

  var myText = '=> ' + document.URL + '    ' + document.title;
  prompt("Gemini Link", myText); 

  var title = document.title; 
  var url = document.URL; 
  title = title.replace(/\u005b/g, "\\[");
  title = title.replace(/\u005d/g, "\\]");
  var myLink = "[" + title + "](" + url + ")"; 
  prompt("Markdown Link", myLink);


Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles | Firefox Help


Created: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2022